This site will be used for information relating to Salvationists in the Grays Harbor area. Here is the invitation that was mailed to the people who have been active at the Grays Harbor Corps during the past few months: GHSFInvitation.pdf.

We may schedule meetings, meals, events, work days, play days, or anything else we decide to do together. We might share pictures, stories, prayer requests, victories and triumphs, or heartaches and troubles. Most of us have accounts at one or more of the large social network sites so that kind of sharing will likely happen mostly there. For those who don't use the big social media sites – like me – this is intended as a safer, more privacy-respecting public place.

Here are the responses received so far:

Bible study: 4 weekly 1 monthly 3 in-home 2 public meeting room
Newsletter: 1 mail 3 e-mail 0 web page 2 local content 3 Army news
Meetups: 0 in-home potluck 0 in-home hosted 2 restaurant 4 picnic potluck 2 monthly 3 quarterly 0 annually
Group outings: 2 local church events 3 local community events 2 divisional events
Service: 1 food bank 2 clothing bank 0 community cleanup 2 other: Community Cares; if physically able;
5 I'd like to help organize and make these things happen.
1 The Army is gone from here and I just want to move on with my life.

Meanwhile, here are some links that may be helpful to us: Aberdeen Area Churches and How To Be A Soldier... When You Don't Have A Local Corps.

Nearby Units

Olympia Corps: Facebook - official

Centralia Corps: Facebook - official

Camp Arnold - official

Army Publications

The War Cry

New Frontier Chronicle

Caring Magazine

Peer Magazine

Word and Deed - A Journal of Salvation Army Ministry and Theology

Journal of Aggressive Christianity

Revive - A Resource Magazine For Women In Ministry And Missiom

Other Resources

Royal Oak Citadel, Royal Oak, Michigan - YouTube Channel. Weekly worship.

Salvation Army Today YouTube channel - The Salvation Army Community (not nearly as active as it used to be)

Former Salvation Army Officers Fellowship

TradeWest - Western Territory Trade Department

TradeCentral - Central Territory Trade Department

Program Toolkit

Song Book

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