What Did Jesus Do? 4

Matthew 12

For each passage we'll note who Jesus encountered, whether he initiated the contact, what type of interaction he had with them, whether He took direct action to meet human needs (see Matthew 25:35-36 for examples), whether His "do-ing" was miraculous, and any commands He gave. (See the introduction page for this series for more detail.)

Jesus encounters opposition in these passages. Does He respond with anger, or hatred, or threats? Much of His time is spent teaching. Is He teaching hatred and intolerance?

Passage Persons Initiate?Type Direct? Miraculous?Commands
Matthew 12:1-8 Pharisees N Rebuke, teachingN N none
Matthew 12:9-12 Pharisees N Teaching N N none
Matthew 12:13 crippled man Y Healing Y Y Stretch out your hand
Matthew 12:14-21 crowds Y Healing Y Y Don't speak of this
Matthew 12:22-23 demoniac N Healing Y Y none
Matthew 12:24-37 Pharisees N Teaching, rebukeYN none
Matthew 12:38-45 scribes, Pharisees N Teaching, rebukeN N none
Matthew 12:46-50 crowds N Teaching N N none

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