What Did Jesus Do? 8

Matthew 17

For each passage we'll note who Jesus encountered, whether he initiated the contact, what type of interaction he had with them, whether He took direct action to meet human needs (see Matthew 25:35-36 for examples), whether His "do-ing" was miraculous, and any commands He gave.

Who interrupted Peter? and what command was given? [5] What did Jesus do in verse 7? Is it possible to simply set aside our fear? Surely they were remembering Exodus 34:4-6; 34:8-10; 34:27-30; what did they learn about Jesus? How quickly does the Glory of the Lord fade? What were the disciples who were not on the mountain with Jesus doing?

"Lord, have mercy" - is this faith or desperation? What did Jesus tell the father to do, and why? In verse 17 Jesus seems angry and the scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees don't seem to be involved - what has provoked Him? Whose faith was inadequate? [20] What point is Jesus making in verses 25-26 (see also verse 5)?

Passage Persons Initiate?TypeDirect?Miraculous?Commands
Matthew 17:1-13
(Mark 9:2-13, Luke 9:28-36)
Peter, James, John Y TeachingN Y don't be afraid, don't tell
Matthew 17:14-18
(Mark 9:14-27, Luke 9:37-43)
Worried father N HealingY Y bring him to me
Matthew 17:19-20
(Mark 9:28-29)
disciples N rebukeN N none
Matthew 17:22-23
(Mark 9:30-32, Luke 9:44-45)
Disciples Y TeachingN N none
Matthew 17:24-27 Peter Y TeachingN N go fishing

Touch: Matthew 8:2-3 - Matthew 8:14-15 - Matthew 9:20-21 - Matthew 9:27-30 - Matthew 14:34-36 - Matthew 17:6-7 - Matthew 20:31-34

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