What Did Jesus Do? 10

Matthew 19

For each passage we'll note who Jesus encountered, whether he initiated the contact, what type of interaction he had with them, whether He took direct action to meet human needs (see Matthew 25:35-36 for examples), whether His "do-ing" was miraculous, and any commands He gave.

Passage Persons Initiate?TypeDirect?Miraculous?Commands
Matthew 19:1-2
Mark 10:1
Crowds Y HealingN Y none
Matthew 19:3-9
Mark 10:2-9
Pharisees N TeachingN N none
Matthew 19:10-15
Mark 10:10-16, Luke 18:15-17
Disciples N TeachingN Y Let them come
Matthew 19:16-22
Mark 10:17-22, Luke 18:18-23
Rich young man N TeachingN N multiple
Matthew 19:23-30
Mark 10:23-27, Luke 18:24-27
Disciples Y TeachingN N none

Why did the Pharisees ask about divorce? Deuteronomy 24:1-4, Matthew 5:31-32 Were the Pharisees likely to have been pleased with the answers Jesus gave to their questions? What did the Pharisees say or do after Jesus told them they have hard hearts? What did the disciples think of Jesus' answers about divorce? What is Jesus teaching about marriage and divorce in this passage? [3-12]

What did Jesus do when children were brought to Him?

"Why do you ask me... there is only one who is good" — what a strange response to an apparently sincere question! Is Jesus exasperated at being constantly challenged? "What do I still lack?" Why didn't he quit while he was ahead? Is "having eternal life" the same thing as "having treasure in heaven"? [16, 21, 29] Why will it be hard for a rich person to enter heaven? "Who can be saved?" answered by "this is impossible" leads to Peter's "What then will there be for us?" — are the disciples missing some important understanding?

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