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What Did Jesus Do? 15
Matthew 24-25

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What Did Jesus Do? 15

Matthew 24-25

For each passage we'll note who Jesus encountered, whether he initiated the contact, what type of interaction he had with them, whether He took direct action to meet human needs (see Matthew 25:35-36 for examples), whether His "do-ing" was miraculous, and any commands He gave.

β”‚Passage β”‚ Persons β”‚Initiate?β”‚  Type  β”‚Direct?β”‚Miraculous?β”‚        Commands         β”‚
β”‚Matthew β”‚         β”‚         β”‚        β”‚       β”‚           β”‚Don't be deceived, don't β”‚
β”‚24-25   β”‚         β”‚         β”‚        β”‚       β”‚           β”‚be frightened, pray,     β”‚
β”‚Mark    β”‚Disciplesβ”‚N        β”‚Teachingβ”‚N      β”‚N          β”‚don't believe false      β”‚
β”‚13:1-37,β”‚         β”‚         β”‚        β”‚       β”‚           β”‚prophets, stay alert, be β”‚
β”‚Luke    β”‚         β”‚         β”‚        β”‚       β”‚           β”‚ready (Matthew           β”‚
β”‚21:5-36 β”‚         β”‚         β”‚        β”‚       β”‚           β”‚24:4,6,20,24,25,26,42,44)β”‚

There are four words we can use to summarize Jesus' answer to the questions the disciples asked:

Vigilance is the first thing He mentions, in verse 4 He says "watch out" so no one misleads you, in verse 15 "when you see", in 23-24 He repeats the warning about being deceived, and in verse 42 we find "stay alert".

Perseverance will be required to endure the persecution He warns of in verses 10-14, so that "the person who endures to the end will be saved."

Persistence, though very similar to "perseverance" (without the idea of overcoming persecution), is required as described in 45-51 and in the parable of the talents in chapter 25. He knows very well our human tendency to become careless. It is this trait that we sing of in the chorus "By the pathway of duty, flows the river of God's grace". We must continue to diligently serve the King no matter how long He delays His return.

Preparation; because we cannot know when Christ will return He warns us that "you also must be ready" in verse 44, and then follows in the next chapter with the parable of the foolish bridesmaids. What must we do in order to "be ready"?

By far the most important part of His response is the last half of chapter 25, wherein He clarifies, as nowhere else, what it means to love your neighbor.

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