What Did Jesus Do? 16

Matthew 26

For each passage we'll note who Jesus encountered, whether he initiated the contact, what type of interaction he had with them, whether He took direct action to meet human needs (see Matthew 25:35-36 for examples), whether His "do-ing" was miraculous, and any commands He gave.

Passage Persons Initiate?TypeDirect?Miraculous?Commands
Matthew 26:1-16-
Mark 14:1-11, Luke 22:1-6
Disciples N TeachingY N none
Matthew 26:17-35
Mark 14:12-31, Luke 22:7-34, John 13:21-38
Disciples N TeachingN N none
Matthew 26:36-46
Mark 14:32-42, Luke 22:39-46, John 18:1
Disciples Y Praying N N watch and wait
Matthew 26:47-56
Mark 14:43-52, Luke 22:47-54, John 18:2-12
Crowd N TeachingN N put your weapons away
Matthew 26:57-75
Mark 14:53-72, Luke 22:55-71, John 18:13-27
Sanhedrin N AnsweringN N none

In verses 6-12 what action of the woman did the disciples object to? Was their motivation praiseworthy or blameworthy? Whose human needs were being met? Was Jesus, in this one instance, placing his own comfort above the needs of the poor?

Why did Jesus say "woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed" if His crucifixion is a necessary part of the plan? When did Judas leave the group (before the bread and wine, before singing the hymn, on the way to Gethsemane)? Given that the disciples were greatly distressed by the news that a betrayer was among them and they were all quick to vow that they would even die with Jesus rather than abandon Him, what might you expect them to do when they discovered the identity of the betrayer?

During His anguish in Gethsemane, when the disciples so clearly failed Him, did His attitude toward them change? Why is only one disciple reprimanded for falling asleep? What great insight into the human condition does Jesus express here?

How does Jesus address Judas in verse 50? Remembering what Jesus said about Judas in verse 24 is there anything surprising about this? Jesus asked “Have you come out with swords and clubs to arrest me like you would an outlaw?", has He become bitter or angry?

What charges were brought against Jesus? What was he actually convicted of? Given what we're told in verses 4 and 59, would you expect the officials to carefully follow all the proper judicial procedures?

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